Hey Bodyboarders this week I address a new problem with local surf spots; Transportation. Obviously those of us who don't live within walking distance have to drive to the beach but even then parking is still often up to a mile away. My solution? Long board skateboards! These are much easier to ride than a typical skateboard due to the soft wheels and smooth bearings. You can glide along the boardwalk or side streets effortlessly to reach your destination. Toes On The Nose is a great brand to look into. From the research I have done they make a quality product for a very fair price. Riding a long board skate board is definately the best way to go for short distances. Once you reach the beach you can just throw it inside your board bag while you paddle out. After your session, you ride back to the can and toss it in the trunk. This is much easier than riding a bike and much cheaper than paying for parking every time you go out! Hope this is a helpful tip to all the Bodyboarders and Surfers out there!

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Some of the top Winter Surf Spots in Southern California!

The first TEN!

Here is a list of ten very popular Bodyboarding Spots in Southern California.

In no particular order -

- San Clemente "T-Street"
(South side of the pier is occasionally blackballed and there is free parking don't waste money at the meters.)

- Huntington Beach "Surf City"
(The U.S. Open is held here each year because of the quality of waves this beach can produce from time to time.)

- 36'th Street Newport
(Parking can be a bit more challenging at this beach but the waves are phenomenal.)

- Salt Creek
( This spot is usually less crowded than the other but not always Bodyboarder friendly so take a couple big friends :-)

-Ocean Side Pier
(Free parking near the marina but once again not the friendliest locals)

-San Clemente State Park
(You will have to pay a few dollars for parking but there are facilities and showers provided at this location; very convenient.) 

-La Jolla Shores
(This is a great spot on bigger surf days.  Watch out for stingrays in the warmer months though!)

(This is wonderful on a 5-6 foot swell.  The only down side is the 400 stairs you have to take to get down to the beach.)

-The Wedge
(Extremely challenging surf spot but possibly the most famous of any southern california spot.)

(Very close to San Clemente State Park but south a few miles.  This wave breaks beautifully in 6ft + swells.)

If you have any other spots and reasons why these spots are quality please feel free to contact me!

Bodyboarding Spots

Welcome to Bodyboard Spots.  This is a blog about some of the hot surf spots in Southern California.  More specifically it is a blog about good surf spots for Bodyboarders (Also known as Boogie boarders/ Spongers).